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FY Financial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.(“FY Financial”) is a financial services provider with a focus on providing equipment-based financial leasing, commercial factoring and advisory services to our customers in the PRC. Our Group is a subsidiary of Shanshan Co. Ltd.(Stock Code: 600884) in the financial sector.

Since our establishment, the Group has provided customised finance leasing services based on the industry of, and equipment required by, our customers, and our finance lease offering comprises direct finance lease, new sale-leaseback and used sale-leaseback transactions. We have also focused our efforts on providing our finance leasing services to the FMCG, electronics, medical, alternative energy and transportation industries across the PRC. At present, we have over 240 finance leasing customers in various industries across more than 25 different municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions in the PRC.

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