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Mr. Zhuang Wei

Chairman of the Board and Non-executive Director


-Responsible for the overall corporate strategies and management directions of our Group。

-Since 1993, he has been responsible for investment management and general management in various companies in the PRC.

-Joined Shanshan Co. Ltd. in 2007, served as Chairman, Director, and General Manager for the Group and its subsidiaries. He is now the Chairman and General Manager of Shanshan.

-Obtained his doctor’s degree in political economy from Peking University in the PRC in July 2000.


Mr. Li Peng

Executive Director and General Manager


-Responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the Group.

-Has extensive legal knowledge and over five years of experience in corporate management.

-Served as the Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer in Credit Orienwise Group Ltd, director in China Lihe Company Limited, Chairman of Fullin Jinkong and Shenzhen Shanhuitong Internet Financial Service Co., Ltd.

-Obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law from Peking University in the PRC in July 1984.


Mr. Weng Jianxing

Executive Director and Risk Management Director


-Responsible for risk management and asset management of the Group

-Joined the Group as the head of risk management department in April 2013, and was promoted as the risk management director in April 2015.

-Served as product manager in Credit Orienwise Group Ltd., and risk control manager of CIMC Financial Leasing Company Limited.

-Obtained his bachelor’s degree in transportation, master’s degree in corporate management and doctor’s degree in business administration from Changsha Transportation Institute, Changsha University of Science & Technology and Central South University in the PRC in 2002, 2005 and 2011, respectively.


Mr. Qian Cheng

Non-executive Director


-Responsible for providing strategic advice to the business and operation of our Group.

-Joined Ningbo Shanshan Co. Ltd. in 1998, served as Director, Deputy General Manager, Secretary of the Board, and Office Director.

-Joined Zhongke Yinghua High-teach Company Limited as Director from March 2006 to June 2009.

-Obtained his bachelor’s degree in international relations and public affairs from Fudan University in the PRC in 1995.


Ms. Hui Ying

Non-executive Director


-Responsible for providing strategic advice to the business and separation of the Group.

-Joined Shanshan Co. Ltd. in 2010, served as the head of legal department, supervisor, and assistant of general manager, and as the director and/or general manager of a number of subsidiaries of Shanshan.

-Served as legal assistant and legal consultant at Global Law Office and Herbert Smith.

-Obtained her bachelor’s degree in law and master’s degree in commercial and corporate laws from Ningbo University in the PRC and University College of London in the United Kingdom in 2003 and 2004, respectively.


Mr. Sun Luran

Non-executive Director


- Abundant knowledge and understanding in the capital and financial market and financial risk management.

- Assumes an advisory role in Board to evaluate and improve the internal control and risk management systems.

- Joined Shenzhen Shanhuitong Internet Financial Service Co., Ltd. in 2016 as risk control manager and has been involved in risk management related work.

- Obtained his bachelor’s degree in business management and master’s degree in finance from the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom in June 2014 and March 2016, respectively.

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