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上市日期: 2016-09-11

Based on our experience in arranging finance leasing for our customers, we understand that our finance leasing customers typically require advisory services in areas such as their financing and cash flow management, operational management, and operation of the leased equipment. Further to the various research and analyses, we advise customers to adopt solutions that aim at improving their business, operational and financial performance.


Our advisory services are customised based on the specific needs and requirements of customers. Our comprehensive industry expertise accumulated during our provision of our services in other business lines, advanced financial analysis and risk management capabilities, and our in-depth understanding of customers’ specific needs have enabled us to provide our customers with professional and customised advisory services.


Our advisory services include:


-Providing market information (such as analysis of equipment suppliers);

-Product advice (such as selection and pricing of equipment);

-Analysis on competition in the industry (such as research on the business scale and financial performance of our customer’s competitors);

-Solutions for optimising operational workflow;

-Financial management (such as analysis of key financial ratios);

-Asset management advice.


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